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Rheology of semi solid topical formulations – new insights and applications


Robert Houlden Formulation Director at Formulytica will give a number of talks this year. The talks will be based on Formulytica’s work utilising rheology to understand formulation physical properties of semi solid dosage forms, including cream, gel, ointment, thickened solutions and foam. Particular applications in comparison to the reference listed drug form, predicting physical stability and understanding spreadability and effect on aesthetics of these topical formulations.

During February and March 2018, Robert will speak at ASCC (Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists) members in Sydney, Adelaide Brisbane and Perth. In July 2018 Robert will be a speaker at the International Skin Care Conference in Thailand to talk on rheology and topical formulations. Details of the conference in Thailand can be found here


Wins best lecture Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ASCC) conference


Robert Houlden (Formulation Director) presented on Viscosity vs. Rheology. What’s the difference? Why it matters to the formulation chemist.

The presentation described the use of viscosity and rheology measurement and then application for sensory and formulation performance function.

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.


Expansion of capabilities at Formulytica


Formulytica has started to explore beyond the development of semi solid topical formulation and analytics for our clients.

While our expertise lies in developing and analysing all forms of topical products, we have the expertise and internal capabilities to also develop oral solutions,  injectables and vaccines for our clients and partners.