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Introduction to Formulytica

Formulytica is a contract research and development organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in formulation development and analytical method development and validation services for a range of clients including skincare companies, universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise focuses on formulation development of new topical, injectable (IV, SC, and opthalmic), and oral products.

We have successfully developed a wide range of new cream, gel, liquid and foam formulations for applications in dermatology, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and personal care, including skin and hair care.

Our injectable drug development capabilities include the formulation development of new small molecule drugs, reformulation of generic drugs, and development of targeted drug delivery systems for biomolecules including proteins, peptides, DNA, siRNA, and mRNA. Biomolecules such as mRNA used in novel vaccines typically require specialised nanomedicine formulations to deliver them to the target cells, and Formulytica has experience developing nanoparticles, liposomes, and lipid nanoparticles to achieve clinical-ready formulations.

Our team of scientists each have an average of 20 years’ experience working across the Australian, US and EU markets. Formulytica was formed in response to a global market demand from companies wanting to outsource their topical and injectable formulation development projects. We act as an outsourced innovation and development laboratory, servicing companies who lack the internal resources, time or skill-set to develop new formulations and prepare market-ready products.

As we are based in Australia, eligible R&D organisations, both locally and internationally, may be able to claim the Australian R&D tax incentive when working with us.

Formulytica is your “other lab” supporting your business with expert formulation development services without the head count.



Formulytica specialises in:

Formulation Development

Topical skin formulation development is our heritage and developing new formulation technologies for topical and injectables is what we excel at. We are experts at understanding the chemistry of the active ingredient to then plan a pathway suitable not only for pre-formulation, but also for packaging, manufacturing, clinical, the patient and therapeutic indication.


Formulytica excels at providing analytical support for topical and injectable formulations. Method development and validation are integral activities for formulation development. We have the tools to undertake this formula analysis with a focus on monitoring drug stability and formulation physico-chemical properties.

Manufacturing & Technical Transfer Support

To develop a formula suitable for manufacture, filling and packaging we must first understand all the critical process parameters. This is included in a technical package in line with the capabilities of the manufacturer. To ensure your product is successful it is critical to understand prior to manufacturing whether the formulation is fit for use and it’s intended indication.

Consulting Services

Regulatory solutions and advice, troubleshooting and training are provided by our team of experts. This can be undertaken in conjunction with a project or as a standalone activity.

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