New international patent application

Formulation Lab

New international patent application

  • New injectable drug delivery formulation technology
  • Co-invented by Formulytica and SERI researchers under collaborative research agreement
  • Potential ‘platform technology’ with broad therapeutic potential

Formulytica (Melbourne, Australia) and Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI; Singapore) are pleased to announce that an international (PCT) patent application was filed in Singapore in May 2021. An outcome of their collaborative research, the patent covers a new drug delivery technology with application for reduction of scarring following eye surgery. This comes after formulation development and in vitro and in vivo proof of concept studies successfully demonstrated the applicability of this formulation technology, which has potentially broad applicability across a range of other therapeutic areas. Further work is ongoing to refine the technology and proceed to pre-clinical safety studies and eventually Phase 1 clinical studies.

About Formulytica Pty Ltd

Formulytica is an Australian innovative technology developer and service provider specialising in topical and injectable formulation development. Formulytica’s services include new product development and it specializes in the analytical science of semi-solid formulations for topical application utilised in dermatology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary and personal care products, such as skincare and haircare. Formulytica’s injectable parenteral expertise covers solution and lipid-based formulations, in biologics, as well as small organic molecules. For more information, please visit

About SERI

Established in 1997, the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) is Singapore’s national research institute for ophthalmic and vision research. It is the research arm of the Singapore National Eye Centre, and affiliated to the National University of Singapore and the Duke-NUS Medical School. In two decades, SERI has grown from a team of 5 to over 250 staff, encompassing clinician scientists, scientists, fellows, students, support staff, as well as more than 245 distinguished adjunct faculty members to become the largest eye research institute in the Asia-Pacific region.  As of Mar 2021, SERI has published 4,353 peer-reviewed papers supported by S$346 million in competitive research grants.  SERI has trained more than 210 current and past graduate students; and has been conferred over 714 national & international awards and 145 patents. SERI further undertakes eye research in collaboration with local & international medical centres and research institutions, which has ensured a high level of research competency & skills transfer. Notably, SERI’s research has translated to actual patient success stories & significant improvements in eye care delivery. Today, SERI is recognized as a pioneering center for high quality eye research in Asia, with breakthrough discoveries that has translated to significant paradigm shift in eye care delivery. For more information, please visit